In our CQB system we focus a lot on fighting from the door - or limited penetration as some call it. While there are several ways to approach one problem - We believe in tactics that are behavior compliant  or in simple words - tactics that you will follow & do when in contact.
 With that being said, there are few ways of performing in limited penetration - we teach in the courses different procedures and way for each situation.

In this video the shooter approach with his wing man a corner fed room. The room is quiet, outside is dark. Due to the room angles (as can be seen in the video) the shooter can already scan \ clear most of the room without even exposing himself.

In our system (and depends on situation & settings) The No.1 Usually using a very specific yet relative safe procedure to scan and solve most of the room problems from the door. No, we are not standing exposed and awaiting to be shot - we are working with a specific stance that we tend to call - Framework.

We do it in order to achieve the following -

  • Communication backwards to the team
  • Understanding \ forecasting problems in the room
  • Finding solutions
  • Triggering resistance
  • Managing contact from the door
  • FRAME scan for IEDs etc

The problem is when we are tired, confident or not connected to the situation - that where we lower our guard. in this video, this is the exact problem.



The video is simple, and short unlike the previous parts. It is focused instead around one thing (scanning) and its goal to remind you one thing - SCAN ! really scan and understand what you see - dont work sporadic.


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Founder of Project Gecko.

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