In this Video, we are going to talk over the breaching, and some of the actions which hindered the security of the team and its initial performance. It is important to remember - our response is triggered by Survival based decision, it is crucial to understand the problem,and work via the OODA Loops for better performance & safe working space.


  • Breacher fails to create a working space.
  • Breacher fails to breach the door.
  • Over exposure.
  • Point man lose control on the 0% - 100%
  • Point man is distracted by an immediate danger (door ahead) and forget his corner. (survival based decision).
  • Door blocks decisions.


The video represents mistakes,and other actions that may compromise \ put the team in risk and are definitely not the ideal. It is important to remark, that the personal in this video are participants which are still 'new' to this method. So think twice before being a keyboard hero.

This video (left window) represent the structure settings of this drill. Remember, Cameras & Eyes does not have always the same angles of view.


For the whole after action review, check the video above !



What is a Breach ?

Breaching is a positive method of breaching & must be determined during planning.

The Breacher, some fundamentals -

Improper breaching results in a denied access into the objective and may cause injury to the team members, innocent bystanders, or the threat. Improper breaching may result in mission failure. Breachers must be capable of:

-Provide positive, safe entry for the team.
-Potential entry points.
-Potential danger areas. Analyze.
-Determine which potential entry points would make the best primary and alternate breach points.
-Determine the best primary breaching method technique to use for the primary, alternate, and unknown breach points.
-Remaining prepared to effect more breaching.

It is important to remember that all entry team members must be capable of performing all breaching techniques.


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