SUT - Ropes - Deployment

Project Gecko is currently offering a range of tactical courses which are designated specifically around the utilization of rotary wing assets. Our courses will offer an understanding of the dynamics involved with unit deployment, formation and tactics in and around aircraft. The courses are highly recommend for experienced personnel seeking to better their craft for their working environment and challenges.

Our courses are currently ranging from Small unit tactics related procedures to technical rope work with Helicopters.


SUT - Deployment & Tactics.

Duration : 2 Days.

Price : 1000€

Located in Prague, Czech Republic - This course is oriented around the use of helicopters for the purpose of Small Unit Tactics. Students will learn the principles of working in and around light helicopters such as the EC125 or if desired, the heavy MI-8. Students will learn how to setup an LZ, deploy & approach, communication and other critical skills that are key components in a safe and efficient work with helicopters.



Duration 3 - 4 Days*

Price 1200€

This intensive course will not only focus on deployment from / by helicopter but also on several key skillets that will allow the individual to understand the aircraft limitations as well as capabilities within the tactical context. The course topics ranges from how to set up a landing zone to infill using special rope techniques such as Fast roping or SPYE, and will also include several tactical scenarios.

Course overview.

Day 01 - Classroom, Theory & Dry Practice from 3 to 8 Meters tower.

Day 02 - SUT type deployments with light helicopter (EC125)

Day 03 - Tactical deployments & Live Fast roping & SPYE drills with the MI8

*This course exists in 3 or 4 days format. Format is subject to change depends on hosting country & facility.




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