The alps Expeditions by Project Gecko. This 4 days expedition will perform a non technical climb on the Tennengebirge. The tennen mountains is a small, but rugged, mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps, which lies in front of the Eastern Alps for its entire length.

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What is our expeditions concept, and how it will benefit your training :

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The Mission.

▲The mission.

The Alps expedition mission splits into two categories. Those two categories will ensure a clear & safe balance between education & physical challenges.

▶ Mission 1 - Challenge

Primary task : Tiroler Kogel, a 2322 meters ASL
Secondary task : Wieselstein a 2315M ASL

▶ Mission 2 – Learning.

The mission is to learn. And learning partially depends on experience.
During the expedition we will also go through different educational topics which are essential tools to the individual at the mountains or nature. For more information regarding the topics check out the expedition official flyer.

▶ Mission 3 – Protecting nature.

Primary task - Our focus will be on climbing in an Eco-sensitive manner, bringing all garbage and all human waste produced on the mountain to a local designated point or down the mountain for proper disposal.

Secondary task – Avoiding compromise \ corruption of landscape & wildlife.

Third task – Collecting garbage during the final descending down for proper disposal.

The expedition climb will greatly focus on the 'leave no trace' idea. We will relay on Eco solutions such as solar panels or other solutions which do not require compromise or violation of the environment – a 100% nature friendly existence.

▲Overview -

At 1900m asl awaits our expedition a small local hut. This hut will become our
base camp and from there we will go out to accomplish daily task.

Sleeping will be inside a small hut, without specially accessories or luxury. However you are required to remain prepared to an outdoor sleeping in case and our climb will go as scheduled (weather, etc). In an LZ next to the hut awaits our water supply drop which is prepared by PG. Sleeping is included within
your ticket price. There, expedition members will receive different type of tasks
And objectives....the rest awaits for you to experience.