Project Gecko - Expeditions.


The Expeditions

''A journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or discovery ,,

The Expedition is a unique artifact, that lays in the core of Project Gecko. This capability & idea you will find normally nowhere else. The idea behind the expedition concept is, to connect and forge Training topics along side with different nature elements - by doing that we can create a bridge & gateway between the person himself & the environment he is located at.

With our Expedition & Challenge programs we will change the classroom into a full living and spectacular environment. We believe we can improve and ensure the right learning cycle of the participant.

The Idea & Responsibility

Every training concept can look awesome on paper - and especially in the class room. - But the question remains: What do you get out of it? What changes or benefits the person in the most spectacular way? The answer lays above - The journey and self - explorations.

We strongly believe, that the connection between nature & the person behind the training should be maximize. It´s the inside we are looking to improve, the core & the seed of the perso. So is nature, it´s all a mechanism that starts in the small things - in seeds.

Leading you into a journey, into the unknown requires experience and knowledge. With our military experience, we are able to lead you almost everywhere and through most conditions.

The mission.

Every expedition by Project Gecko will have its educational goals & background scenario. We do so to ensure not only an educational development, but also a utilization opportunity for the participant. Some background missions will be more oriented around the evasion & navigation under extreme weather, difficult topography etc. realism - at it´s best.



The challenges

Each Expedition will have it´s challenges.  Some are nothing special but unique, and some are...well beyond anything you've ever seen.The level of realism is high and so is the demand for each participant. Throughout the year Project Gecko will release several opportunities to join some of our most interesting expeditions.

In those seminars you will learn a lot. You will get to see the nature unlike ever before. You will be pushed to the limit, both physically and mentally, to complete a mission. You will learn how much it is necessary to live as a team, values such as comradeship & honesty will play a major role - so is YOU, as a key member of the expedition. The expedition is a puzzle - and you are the missing piece.


How to join ?

This expeditions & Challenge programs are open for anyone who seek the challenge, and a way to improve himself beyond the classroom or the shooting range. You can join us by simply following us on our Facebook page or simply contacting us HERE.

If you are interested in a special Expedition led and prepared by Project Gcko, please contact us HERE.


Don't forget to check our upcoming events for the next challenges & expeditions.


-So come over and join the expedition !-