To expand our capabilities is our first goal. To perfect them is our second. This is the mission and driving force to Project Gecko.

To achieve this first goal and work toward the second, Project Gecko is introducing Gecko Professional Services.

The original intent of improving existing military infantry and SOF tactics and techniques while building new ones is being continued with GPS. At GPS though, we are repurposing this intent to replace infantry and SOF tactics with security, intelligence, and law enforcement skills. As with Project Gecko, GPS will accomplish this with the highest levels of excellence and professionalism to improve not only ourselves and our clients, but the security community and society as a whole.

Our mission is to prepare and aid those who protect society by providing security services, counsel, awareness and training in accordance with the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. This is our service, this is our mission.

We will do this by publishing articles on regular basis. These articles will focus on real threats security issues and will be written by industry experts within Project Gecko.

Gecko Professional Services core capabilities:

  • General Security Consulting
  • Guidance in Creating Security Policy
  • Security and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Consultation
  • Security and Awareness Briefings
  • Travel Security Consultation
  • Regional Security Briefings
  • Crafting Public-Private Partnerships
  • Crisis Management and Response

GPS also provides advance training in critical skills for Military and Law Enforcement organizations.


Whats next.

Project Gecko will release several unique articles regarding security as well as intelligence related topics.


Stay tuned.