Strong & Weak sides of doors.

In the following video, Eli briefly discusses the working spaces around entry point which includes a door. Keep in mind, on purpose we do not discuss online the connection between tactics and this concept. However, it is a very critical connection.


Why is it important to understand the working spaces of the door?

  • Manipulation of the door can and is an advantage once understood.

  • In terms of geometry, Exposure times for either one of the door sides is different. This directly effects weapon manipulation and formations prior and after interaction.

  • Poor tactics or shooters placement while not taking this concept into consideration, will fold upon resistance or denial of entry and could promote FF incidents.

  • In cases where flashbang, robot, or any other devices are used, the consideration of the weak VS strong sides will increase survivability and efficiency.

  • In single tone or low team capacity context, understanding how to manipulate the working space gradually increases survival and efficiency towards resistance.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next article,