'' The A.P.A.C.I. ''

So what is it all about ?

The A.P.A.C.I (yhe, imagine it as Apache) is basically a set of skills or, lets call it ability's, that the individual must have, in order to increase his success rate in the CQB environment.

See, the CQB is a violent & relentless environment, which is full with problems and only a few solutions. Often the CQB has a major mental effect, that can break everyones will, no matter how equipped or trained you are.

Embracing those principles and keeping them in the back of your head, will for sure improve your ability to solve and overcome problems.

A -Acceptance
P -Persistence
A -Awareness
C -Creativity
I -Initiative

A more detailed lesson regarding this concept can be found in our up coming Focus Entry course in Thüringen, Germany.