We at Project Gecko decided to lunch a small project called ''Participants Impressions'' under this project, we will post testimonies of various clients which participated in some of our programs. We interviewed different guys from different backgrounds, from Military & LEO's to Civilians.

This time we got to interview Sebastian (On the picture)from Germany.Sebastian is one of our most active clients.He was a key team member in the previous 'Alps expedition' last June,2014.

The interview.

Whats the point in coming to such a course that is not only physical demanding, but also mentally ?

 ▷''Well, i could say it is a challenge and bla bla like you hear often these days. Yeah it is, or better, it should be like that. Only then these seminars give me a way to learn more about my self and to see what i actually can do and where i lack in all those little things that come up. And there is a lot, for sure. But it is a good feeling every time you can close one of those gaps in your variety of abilities. Of course, i also enjoy all the material stuff, running around with my gear, using and adapting it.I am no soldier after all, but i do like adventures and the tickling feeling called adrenaline.''

You participated in the Alps. Why ? and what did you learn / keep with you after this experience?

 ▷''The answer is just a few lines up ;) But this time it was just „more“ of that all. Every time i am trying to find the line where i can´t go any further, and try to overcome. And honestly it is not that common that i succeed, but i am working on it.''

Would you recommend it ? do you think its for everyone ?

 ▷''Yes I do. But I am not sure if it is for everyone. I think you shouldn’t join in here from zero, concerning your mindset. Otherwise, no one who falls in this category would book those seminars anyway…We all know its not about Airsoft \ Milsim Games.. its more than that. Whats that about for you.It might sound harsh but being truly honest, yes, in some ways i am a wannabe. There is no other word for that. But i can live with that and i enjoy to learn and develop myself piece by piece, trying to come as close as i can get. Not in the bragging´ gearwankin´ way i am sure you now from all across the Internet. Now don´t get me wrong, i like gear a lot and i am spending a lot (too much) money on it, but ist because it performs better for me and not to impress or cover up other weak spots''

You been participating since the very beginning. Did any of the program's ever helped you in your daily life ?

▷''Maybe not straight, but yes i am sure it had a certain impact. Most of it concerns my confidence. F.e. i never thought i had any good use in leading a team, but i was proven wrong. Also working under stress and making fast decisions. Those things where a weakness of mine quite some time (at least in my mind), but it improved immensely.''

►What do you think of Project Gecko?

▷''Until now i am pretty positive about it and even if i dont know where it will be in a few years, i am confident. There is so much more you could do, the list is endless. Its just the time and the money that slows down. I hope i will have the honor to be part of it for a long time…''

►Thank you Sebastian for this interview.