I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland



I strongly believe in the fact that everything we do, everything we plan and everything we wish to do is rooted deep within ourselves.

Self-awareness can give you the ability to recognize your thoughts, ideas, feelings and actions. It´s also an essential key for a better communication with other people, so when you know how to use your self-awareness it´s a great tool for extracting the best out of an individual.

After serving numerous years in the Israeli military, in a unit that demands things that might seem to someone looking from the side impossible to be done, I realized what kind of tools I can develop out of this. For me it´s been a wild road, those things are tough, hard and I was assailed by doubts. But thanks to those obstacles and my ability to look within myself, I created tools, that I can practically use in the most efficient way that´s possible.

Today, after all I have experienced, I can guarantee that those tools are the key to accomplish what you want to do, instead of thinking about what you “wish” to do.

Eliran Feildboy


How this is connected to Project Gecko.


In every task we do the challenge is to open two doors before reaching for your personal success. Before you are able to reach the keys to your self-awareness you have to open those two doors.

The door for the physical activity and the door for the mental activity.

Physical door- It´s the more 'superficial' door. Here you will face more clear and detectable difficulties and changes. It´s easier to recognize them during the task you have to perform.

This ''door'' is more simple and understandable...or simply hurts more.

The common problem in the physical part is the fact that the body limits you and not the mind. For those people, that have a strong spirit or a stronger perception of their mental abilities, it´s more easier to open that door.

Mental door – We can also call it the door of the spirit. It´s the most hidden door you will ever come across in your life.

In fact-there are many people who are not aware of this ''door''. Their busy daily life is blocking their mental door from recognizing the other side in them. That side that emerges in the moment of truth, in the moment when the original plan fails.

And that´s what we do in our seminars. We build one part on the other and create a good mix of both, because we believe that one can´t work without the other.

All of our training-programs are based on our ability to help our clients to reach their inside and by doing that allowing themselves to perform 120% better than they would do in any other 'dry' training,

Our goal is, to use all of this knowledge for our programs and to bring our clients into a higher success-rate.

In the training and after the training. Physically and mentally. In the team and personally.