With over 75 participants, 40 actors, 9 nationalities and 2 days, our CQS 2018 is officially behind us. It was a great event with a lot of good units, operators & individuals putting a lot of effort into their performance in force on force based scenarios.

The CQS (Close Quarters Simulations) is a, closed to the public, CQB force on force program, based on creating and simulating a realistic and nearly non scripted contextual human response within the realm of CQC / CQB performance.

PG’s CQS event was primarily based on performance and secondarily on contextual driven FOF scenarios. In other words, the participants had the opportunity to properly validate their skills, techniques and SOPs as well as C2 & TCCC capabilities against or under the consequence of human interaction. By doing so, we enabled realistic feedback that one can not get with paper targets or scripted trainings.

Human interaction was the key in this training and we believe we managed to maintain it throughout the event with the help of 40 actors & 10 coordinators who gave 100% into their roles and actions, making it realistic as it gets in the terms of human interaction in high threat environment.

The force on force scenarios were not scripted in the terms of threat behavior. Each scenario had a clear background story, leaving all active threats to perform to their desire and giving the participant’s a chance to experience a relentless, dynamic & hostile environment that resembles a nearly realistic high threat scenario.

We also conducted a performance study, which means during the CQS, Project Geckos instructors filled up FOF cards to keep track on the team’s performance. By doing so, we collected what we would like to believe is a critical performance consistencies data, that will allow us to better improve and sharpen our studies towards the realities into the human behavior and performance under high combat stress.

Want your unit / agency to participate in 2019? Write us an email or a PM to this page.As always, CQS remains a closed to the public event.