The course was awesome - as always. But what was more interesting is the bound the course created between the different individuals who came from different backgrounds.

The atmosphere, mindset and discipline was quite high. We had to start from the very basic. We went through frame work, individual basics and continued straight into the center fed problems.

We talked over scanning, communication & the difference between read to none read systems.

While the progress was a bit slow - the participants - (with 4 different nationalities,mentalities & languages) - gave really 100%, and even more than that.

We continued with training topics we found to be weak, and we continued all the way into the night untill 03:00, until I felt we are solid.

On Saturday night the guys performed with my guidance a DA simulation which included infiltration, transition from rural to urban environment with great focus over communication & ROE. The drill was quite awesome and mentally demanding to some of the guys.

So in short - if you were not there you might want to be there next time - because you missed hell of a course.

Thank you guys for all of the support, it was great and definitely an honor.

Stay safe,

- Eli.