++Announcement !++

Project Gecko is proud to announce a cooperation with TYR GROUP LLC lead by my friend John Hurth.

For the first time in Europe-
Project Gecko together with TYR GROUP LLC will give the opportunity for Civilians, Military, LEOs or Hunters to learn the true art of tactical tracking based on John's extended experience.

John Hurth is not going to teach you a bunch of stuff he learned at some school. He was in the field and he lives the fields. John is a former Ranger & a US ODA special forces & above all - a true passionate instructor.

To me personally, as the founder of Project Gecko, it is vital and most important to support allied veterans. I am most certain, that this cooperation between TYR & PG will result in a great tracking course in such a detail for the first time in Europe.

The courses in Europe will be covered exclusively by Airsoft &Military News Blog ACE so you can expect some awesome eye candies.

*We will soon post more details regarding scheduled courses and activities. If you have more questions, or if you are interested to use the opportunity of a a private course please contact us via our Email at : contact.project.gecko@gmail.com

More info to follow soon.



Eliran Feildboy

CEO & Founder