Every product has a limited life time. Estimating a product’s lifespan is an art, that even the most sophisticated manufacturers still struggle with. Your tools will break at some point, and your equipment will fall apart. The three remaining questions are - When, why, and during what is it happening.

The industry today is full with bad equipment. This equipment is often not durable, and made without any efficient capability’s or quality, but being pushed together with a lot of nonsense code names, followed by wrong information’s. From the other hand, there are dozens of outstanding company’s, with brilliant products, a great thinking line and creativity, hidden out of the public’s eye.

With an intensive military experience in one of the Israeli SF units, I figured out quite quick how important and also life saving the right gear is. GECKOsuperior acts like the bridge, the professional gate between you and some of the most professional gear manufactureres out there. Manufacturers that believe that efficiency, durability, innovation & creativity plays a major role in their daily work.

On this platform I will bring ONLY the equipment I believe in. Equipment that I tested. Equipment that is smart. Equipment that stands under my five iron rules: