Team Building

We at Project Gecko believe that building a team is nothing of the ordinary. Each team structure got its own unique core and depth with a direct relay on its character and persona. Taking a group of people and calling it a team doesn't make it necessarily a team.

We believe that building a team in a solid structure is not only efficient, but also last longer. It doesn't matter what kind of a team you wish to assemble and on which purpose....whenever it´s a team, for MilSim or a Project - the basic elements for a proper structure are the same.

One of the best & most efficient ways to build a solid team structure is by exposing and removing the mask of each team member. We believe that this is where the military ''way of life'' kicks in : everyone equals in the team, there is no I in a team and we are all together in this. We strongly believe that walking  through a unique path of stress, creativity & hard expectations followed by mental and physical difficulties will result in a solid and flexible team with a great creativity.