Sniper & Observation programs

The protection vest of the sniper is knowledge. Unlike other combat roles, the success of the sniper is often wired with his ability to master his knowledge, rather than having the best equipment. It is basically the men behind the machine in this profession which sets the results...and its quality.


When people hear the word sniper, they imagine a profession that consist mostly on shooting and wearing aghilie suit.  This profession is very unique in it´s demand, but unlike others, it´s more mentally demanding and challenging.Under the word 'sniper' hides an entire world of knowledge. In order to get to your position and to ''pull the trigger'' or alternativelyget to that crucial piece of 'intel', there are numerous checkpoints that will put your mentality and skills to the test.

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SIMGUN Technology in use.

During some of our courses we will use the outstanding SIMGUN laser sim tech. this tech is basically based on the old MILES simulation tool from the military, but way more advanced & reliable. With SIMGUN in use, we can include in our most realistic drills the factor of shooting all the way up to the 500-600m. - It is clear how realistic and high level this training can be.

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