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The A.I.P insulation pad


The A.I.P insulation pad




In this review I´m going to give you a quick detailed look into the ''AIP'' – the Ambush insulated pad.

The project was originally made by OSO Gear and field tested by Project Gecko. After half a year in field activities and different weather conditions we decided to move to the next phase and to introduce it officially. The review itself will focus on 3 topics:

  • The importance

  • Specs and small details

  • Efficiency vs Effectiveness

While it may be used for many activities rather than ''Ambush'', we took the word ambush from the IDF slang for those kind of mattresses \pads.

So lets go.

The Importance.

The most common insulated pad you will see on the market is the sleeping pad. While the only differences between the 'AIP' & sleeping pads are width & length, both are mostly expected to insulate your body from the cold. Any kind of camping pad would be expected to be both cushioning & insulating – the crucial part is its ability to insulate your body from the cold.

But wait a second, why should I use an insulation pad anyway?


Hypothermia is the main reason rather than comfort. Hypothermia occurs when the body can no longer produce more heat than it is losing. That precious heat that we require for normal metabolism and body functions. Out of my military experience, Hypothermia is something that could hit anyone at any level of professionalism and requires awareness.

2. Bugs \ Insects

Some places on our green planets are remarkably beautiful. Within this beauty there exists a wide range of wild life – insects. It doesn´t matter if you are military or civilian, it really sucks to sit down for few hours in a specific place feeling the entire ecological system of your area climbing up into your ass. While good clothes are also a factor, a good comfortable pad may decrease the amount of bugs finding there to you.

3. Wet

Ok, let me start with this. – This pad is not 100% water resistant. With that being said, if you like to sit outside in the rain and count rain drops, then maybe it´s not for you. The AIP will be useful when you want to sit on wet surfaces. Such as wet moss (on stones for example) or even snow.

Specs and small details.

  • Dimensions: 39 x 34 cm
  • Camouflage print: GreenZone by Pencott
  • Material: Cordura 1000D
  • Insulation material GalFoam
  • Weight: 230 gramm

The design of the AIP could easily bring up associations with chocolate bars. The guys at OSO divided the surface of the AIP into 8 different cells. The idea comes from foam insulation, which is commonly used in walls or roofs for example. Without going into to much confusing information – dividing the insulation into 8 different cells gives each cell self-sufficiency in insulation and comfort ability. Further more, the cells design gives the AIP a great flexibility within the different elevation it might be used upon.

The insulation material

GalFoam is a substance produced in rolls using injection technology. GalFoam is particularly suitable for acoustic and thermal insulation in the construction, air conditioning, sports, camping and other markets. The use of Palziv’s raw materials is extending the capabilities and basic features of various products, providing such benefits as ultra-high density, anti-static, conductive, elastic, flame retardants, durability and UV and more.

The GalFoam capabilities

  • Durability

  • Resistance to harsh climatic conditions

  • Resistance to chemicals and fluids

  • Shock absorption

  • Light weight

  • Convenience and ease of processing

Efficiency VS Effectiveness

Like in most products it´s a thin line. While efficiency would focus on stuff like packing capability & storage requirement (in your backpack for example), effectiveness would focus on the product capability to be really useful rather than looking good.


The AIP is relative compact. Thanks to the designs the pad is pretty flexible upon storage. Aside of the compact storage capability, the AIP has a really light weight (230 gramm), so the it could be a great solution for users with limited weight carry. All in all the AIP delivers a compact efficiency under a decent weight.


Simple to use, quick to deploy or store – the AIP does not consume time and gets straight to work. While inflatable pads requires some time and noise (!)– the AIP is ready to go. Another factor is the reflection \ shine. Since it´s covered by 1000D Cordura, it does not reflects light or shines. The AIP is also more than just a seat. I used it personally as a support surface for a barrel of a sniper rifle, or a working sheet for tools, etc. However, the options are various, and the result is one – effectiveness. The ''Cells'' design (mentioned above) allows the AIP to obtain different angles of use, perfect for different terrain elevations.

Another pretty effective characteristic, which OSO implanted in his AIP, is the finnish and cover of edges & bottom. The guys at OSO picked up the spots which potentially could decrease significantly its life span over excessive used. The bottom of the pad (as you can see in the picture below) got 4 lines of strong webbing which should receive most of the pressure and rubbing.


The AIP is an insulation pad which gives the end user the ability to sustain nature temperatures in most climates. Aside of the insulation capability it provides comfort ability and efficiency towards packing, organizing etc.

The AIP insulation pad Available at :


Thank you for reading.


-Project Gecko-