Some of the recent instructional video by Project Gecko. Those videos relate to Close Quarters Combat, and portrait the approach as well as our Immediate Threat CQB system, which is in use by Several Military / Law Enforcements across the globe.


Fighting in Reality, is being able to perform out of the position you find yourself in, rather than the one you wish or plan to be at.

One of the most important training phases in our CQB courses before conducting any force on force is pracitcing and understanding the realistic relations of extracting angles and especially the mechanics of it.

Extracting angles can be used for reaction to sudden mobile threat,stoppages, call outs, self extract, etc.


This instructional video address some of the common questions we often get regarding our CQB methodology and in particular Limited Penetration.

The content in this video will give you a glimpse into our concept and some hard facts regarding room clearing and limited penetration in particular. keep in mind that what you see in this video is just a glimpse.


The after fire rule is a cycle of actions which takes place after a threat stimulus is addressed and eliminated.

This rule and approach is largely relays on the fact that during high threat and high stress situations, a threat fixation will take place until the individual will be absolute sure the threat is eliminated or when mental distress / stress will be decreased.