Tactical vehicles trainings & simulations

Project Gecko´s instructors are capable to train and simulate different vehicle related trainings and simulations. We are able to offer you different and various tactical knowledge regarding how to operate with and around your vehicle.  We believe that driving a solid peaceful road is one thing, driving on an unknown road in a disruptive environment....is something completely different.

What we offer ?

We offer different levels of Tactical vehicles learning phases. From the very basic vehicle familiarization to the offensive or defensive related topics. In our Seminars you will learn how to work with route considerations & navigations, topographic analyzing and other topics which are crucial for getting from A to B in the most efficient and safest way possible.

You Ask. We do.

Not every training will suit any client needs. Therefore we always able to tailor our programs towards the client needs.

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Our programs covers the following:

  • Route considerations
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Tactical night driving
  • Convoy procedures
  • Reaction to contact and IEDs
  • Tactical shooting with mobile platform
  • Hard terrain maneuvers
  • Stealth
  • Camouflage
  • More.



Professional Tip.

The ''METT '' - Route consideration

  • Mission

  • Enemy

  • Time

  • Troops