Navigation & Orientation

Desert to mountains, forests to cities - you'll always want to know where you´re at and how to get to your destination & back. You are planning a trip and before that you would like to train yourself how to navigate? Or you would like to refresh your Military navigation skill? We offer different navigation courses & workshops.

Based on our experience we can tell you that just having a map and names of local land marks is not enough. There are various skills & procedures involved. For example: What do you do if you get lost? How do you verify a W.P? How do you insert GPS coordinates, how do you memorize 50km in your head? We can answer all those question, or even better - we teach you how give the answer to yourself.

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Our instructors are ready to provide you the required knowledge and experience regarding navigation & orientation. The knowledge is based on their navigation experience in both, training & combat situations.

We offer :

  • Basic topographic reading
  • Topographic & nature familiarization
  • Compass \ stars navigation
  • GPS management
  • Urban navigation
  • Combat navigation
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Stars navigation
  • Evasion
  • Extreme long range navigation