The company vision-



Company overview

Project Gecko, originally founded in January 2014, is a company which it´s core purpose is, to deliver realistic training opportunity’s with long lasting benefits. Our goal is, neither just to offer a training or a consultant to our clients – but also to be there on the ground for our clients and to finish each mission or task that is given, without compromising any detail. Our capability of delivering such a training programs, regardless to the type of terrain or client, is rooted in our military experience in the middle east, in one of the most complicated conflict zone in the world.

Project Gecko instructors challenge their clients not only to learn, but also to understand & utilize every piece of input they will receive from us.


What we offer -

Different training programs, training courses for a wide range of needs, terrain and different common \ uncommon situations. We are able to provide different types of educational training courses for both Civilians & LEO's \ Mil personal tailored perfectly upon their requirements & training integrity.

Capability -

Located in the cold north of Germany, Project Gecko is a company with a rich working experience in center Europe. We have previously worked in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and other countries in the region. We are able to reach everywhere, every time.


The philosophy

We often resemble our seminars as a hiking trip to a high mountain - difficult and hard to challenge but possible to be done by everyone. Eventually by reaching the top, we allow our clients to see beyond their daily scenery, we allow them to see the valley they just came from. And by doing so, we give away  better tools and confidence to deal with that valley they´ll have to get back to. I also believe that it´s enough to show a person a high peak once, than a valley a dozen.

Gecko Seminars including knowledge and professionalism.

In each seminar we unpack and repack our knowledge in a way, that will suit the specific seminar  theme in the most efficient & productive way for our clients.

Our seminars are suitable for a wide spectrum of participants. From law enforcement & military to MilSim- teams who seek the ''real deal''. Those seminars are also suitable to those who seek to escape the daily routine and want to face a challenge.


The Topics

Each seminar has its own topic, that topic act as a guiding line to the entire seminar time line. Topics such as Green side, CQB, FIBUA, CCT, Medevac, recon & camouflage are just an example for how much we can do.

The Atmosphere

We believe that the atmosphere is an essential key for a good and healthy learning process.

That´s why we give a lot of attention to the little details, such as realism, a good environment, respect, role playing characters, NPC's , professional OPFOR and above all without any compromising professionalism.

The Self-development

All of our training-programs are based on our ability to help our clients to reach their inside and by doing that allowing themselves to perform 120% better than they would do in any other 'dry' training, We want our clients to experience themselves and we want to let them see what they are capable of.

The Realism

When we plan our seminars, we always relay it on our  own military experience and by doing so we are capable of creating a realistic environment and training platform. we believe that there is 'no middle' all we do must be realistic and without and realism compromises.