''Example is leadership''
Albert Schweitzer

Leadership as a mission.

We at Project Gecko believe that leadership is an essential core element within any team, mission or daily co-op task you are required to do. The ability to both, lead and yet be close to those you operate or co- operate with, is normally tough and unclear. Being a leader is a character and that character is needed to be developed with time and experience - just like a stone being curved by water...it takes time and persistence.

For the business world.

Its became clear to us that the 'military' application & development of Leadership can be essential and a most valuable asset for a company. We can assist you by developing your managers & employees capability of Leadership and thinking outside of the box. We can improve the whole communication & work between your company assets which will eventually result in a great infrastructure  which is not only 'doing' but Learning,understanding and utilizing its various capability's.


Project Gecko offers seminars and workshops specialized only for leaders. We shape leaders, we give them tools for a better cooperation and relation with their teammates and a better understanding of what they are capable of as a leader.

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