Below, are several live takes from previous Law Enforcement course we conducted. This videos are aimed at giving you, the end user, a glimpse into how we conduct our classes, the manner of knowledge, and its relevance.

Tight and confined spaces or L-shaped rooms can be difficult to clear with a teammate without flagging each other. In the second instalment of the "Pro's guide to CQB" series, Eli talks about what we can do to prevent friendly by diving into the details of footwork, body contact and positioning in any situation.

Before we start with team tactics we are going to present one-man room clearing tactics, which fit the concept of team tactics in the ITCQB system. In this video we focus on geometry when entering a room and break down the angles into 5 key sections - narrow, 45, 90,150 and 180 degrees.

This episode, focuses on the tactics of room clearing when the doors are closed. Learn the best ways to approach this situation—Eli’s in-depth breakdown is sure to help you deal with the close-quarters combat scenarios you might encounter.