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Project Gecko actual courses & programs Winter - Summer 2015

Dear visitor,

Below you may find all of the official, open for public courses & expeditions. We split the courses into two categories - Outdoor & Indoor (CQB to Green-side).

Note, we still have a few possible dates left for a private training possibility. In case you, your team or company would be interested - simply contact us.

For a detailed list of our event check THIS OUT

For any question please Email us to :

Thank you, for choosing PG and remember - Its all about your ability to learn,understand...and utilize.

Eliran Feildboy

CEO & Founder



PG CQB Level 2 course - January 2015

During our previous level 2 course, our participants had the chance to receive a closer insight into the reality of engagement, communication & other topics.

We went through the very little details of teamwork & communication, problems & solutions.
The average level of the participants was good & like minded. Whether it was a lesson, practical practice or a nearly 3 hours simulation until the little hours of the night, the participants gave 100%.

Given the recent situations, and act of cowards in France and across the world, we certainly believe that a correct understanding of human behavior, tactical disadvantages, foreground & background & situational awareness could & will save not only your life, but those around you. I certainly hope, that our participants who came from different types of backgrounds, could utilize the knowledge & mindset they gained into a one and only achievement – Saving lives.