For a more detailed information about the program curriculum & time table please read the info package above !

WHEN : 18. - 22. November 2019

WHERE : , Olesko shooting range, 30min away from Prague, CZ.


  • Full package - 1500€ including rental kit, ammo and accomodation.

  • Saver - 1000€ excluding rental gear ammo or accomodaiton


The Operative Readiness Course, or in its short name - ORC - is a unique 5 day program which is designed to compress several critical training related topics into one program and one week. The objective is to either refresh or develop solid foundations of basic skill sets and procedures primarily on the individual level.


*For more detailed lesson plan please visit the flyer above.

  • Day 01 - Tactical Carbine

  • Day 02 - Tactical Pistol

  • Day 03 - Small unit tactics

  • Day 04 - Advanced carbine & Pistol

  • Day 05 - Basic CQB

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This course leadership is under an Israeli former SF instructor.