• Olesko
  • czech republic


This shooting course is a basic program based on Project Geckos methodology, oriented around the use of the handgun platform in tactical context. Shooters will experience & learn the basics , fundamentals and realities of tactical shooting from standing, kneeling or prone positions. This course will also introduce the shooters for different efficient usage procedures for the handgun. Our main focus is marksmanship and consistency in total compliance to the dynamic reality of tactical engagements.

 Instructor : Former Military, Active Law Enforcement shooting instructor

Bullet Count: 400 Rnds

Date: 21. - 22 MARCH 2019

Every day starts at 0900Hrs, untill 1700Hrs.

Location: Olesko shooting range, 30min away from Prague

Price: 300€

*Rental equipment is available, find price below.

** We can assist in accomodaitons. please inquire.

For who: This course is a basic entry level course for the handgun platform. Suitable for both experienced or inexperienced shooters.

Topics of the course:

  • Safety & introduction to handguns

  • Equipment possablities and setups

  • Conventional shoot stances

  • Draw & grip techniques

  • After fire

  • Precision shooting techniques

  • Ready & Preparatory positions,

  • Handling & Manipulations

  • One handed (strong / weak hand)

  • Stoppages

  • Reaction to threat

Recommended gear :

  • comfortable clothing for outdoor activity

  • ear & eye protection

  • Optional : tactical kit (plate carrier,chest rig,etc)

For more information about the course content please click on the "course topics" below.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us via:



Glock 17 - 60€

Walther Pistols (PPQ M2 Q4 TAC, PPQ M2 4‘‘, PPQ CLASSIC, PPQ SC, PPS M2 Police Set, CREED 4″, PPQ M2 4‘‘, PPQ M2B 5″ and PPQ M2 in .45 ACP) - 60€

(incl. , magazines, holsters, belt pouches,etc)

300 Rounds - 66€


" Can i bring my own firearm ?"

Yes. We will issue an official invitation for you. how ever you will need to have the EFP.

The European Firearms Pass (EFP) is a locally issued firearms licence in a common format that allows citizens of the European Union (EU) to travel with one or more firearm(s) mentioned on the licence from one member state to another. For certain purposes other documentation may be required, depending on the current states' laws and the reason for the movement; a transfer may be temporary (for a competition)