CQS is a closed to public event, but open for LE / MIL and former clients. This event is aimed to provide a realistic yet contextual Force on Force CQB training environment, which will be conducted in a complicated but dynamic environment (an old military missile base) and driven by intense use of actors, to simulate the true difficulties and realities of room clearings which are often neglected - the human terrain.

Based on feedback that we´ve got in the recent years through our private as well as open courses, it occur to us that even when regularly training in their unit or in the range, most individuals have no place to properly, constantly or realistically practice their knowledge and expand their experiences.

CQS offers units and organizations a two days of carefully planned Force on Force stages that involves different contextual challanges. its all about performance.

Conditions for participation:

  • Previously compelted Project Geckos CQB courses (levels 1 & 2)

  • Representing a unit

Interested to participate with your unit, team mates or alone ? contact us here