• Olesko Czech

When : 13. - 14. APRIL

Where : Olesko, Czech Republic (30min from Prague)

Price :

Package 01 : Including rental gear such as HK416 (incl ammunition,magazines,pouches,etc) and basic accommodation - 600€

Package 02 : No rental gear, just the course - 400€

The content.

The Injured Shooter 2 day course is a special program developed by Project Gecko. This course is designed to develop neural pathways for one handed use only of the carbine or handgun with or without the use of the environment.

Injuries, are an often neglected possibility in the training world of firearms. In fact, in close proximity high threat encounters, the chance of injuries is dramatically up. This tends to conflict with the modern days shooting range mentalities since most individuals are practicing from a safe, motorical stress free baseline of performance.

  • But how would you work a double feed if you have only one arm ?

  • How would prioritize security and self treatment during an injury ?

  • How can we maximize our efficiency when working barricades in conjunction with the pistol or handgun ?

Just because you are injured. it does not mean you are out of the fight.

High risk operations we prepare our students for involve the risk of serious injury. Unlike in sports or games, injuries can not stop our need to perform as necessary and to further use already learned handling manipulation.

This course will prepare you to be able to continue and find simple solutions to already acquired handling skill which now should be conducted under injury conditions and motorical skills limitations in order to perform safely and effectively.

This course is based on two days. One day for handgun, one day for carbine.

Topics we cover.

  • Realities of injuries based encounter and behaviour as a lead guideline

  • Ready to Preparatory positions with one hand for Carbine & handguns

  • One hand shooting solutions (incl. weak hand)

  • Use of covers w/ basic stances (handgun + carbine)

  • Handling of stoppages with one hand due to injuries sustained

  • Self Extract priorities