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Technical info.

Date : 27th of November untill 1st of December

Location : SITEX , Rodenberg Germany

Price : 950eu

*Price includes accomodations.


This course is an intensive, hands on CQB course which takes place over 5 days, and includes over 70 Hours of practical systematical training blocks. The course purpose is to build up an expertise in Limited Penetration based CQB tactics as well as weapon handling. Students, which will attend this course, will go from basic to complex topics in either solo, cell or team level capacities.

The Immediate Threat CQB or - ITCQB Methodology - is a high threat close quarters combat oriented methodology, which provides Military, Law Enforcement or security organizations with a relevant framework of methods and techniques, which are associated with high threat in short proximity. Since 2017, several European Military or Law enforcement organizations have officially choosen Project Gecko methodologies

The week will include different indoor / outdoor related drills, as well as an high intensity, extended Force on Force validation modules.

Topics overview.

  • Theoretical lessons (room anatomy, LL / NL, human behaviour, attack formations, incidents review, etc.)

  • Weapon handling in compressed environments (handgun / rifle)

  • Weapon flow / FF prevention

  • Solo room clearing / structure clearing

  • Cell room clearing tactics / structure clearing & approach

  • Team to element level room clearing tactics / structure clearing & approach

  • Low Light / no light

  • Self extract

  • and much more… (for detailed questions, please inquire HERE)


All training modules will be summarised and validated through an excessive Force on Force as well as role playing simulations for the purpose of conditioning as well as validating all learned material.

The Facility.

  • The 5 day long course will take place in SITE X.

  • The facility offers an advanced structure, real room setups as well as plenty of furniture.

  • The facility offers indoor to outdoor CQB related training.

  • The facility is just outside of Hanover, Germany.

  • Full accomodations are within the course fee.