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A Special ITCQB course based on the use of Night Vision devices in Close quarters. This course is a cooperation between Project Gecko & ACTinBlack.


For more information about this course curriculum, shcedule as well as technical information, check the flyer above!


NVCQB is a Night Vision oriented CQB course in collaboration with ACTinBlack. This course is intensive, taking place over three days and 35 hours .


LOCATION: SITEX, Hannover Germany

PRICE: 400€

(Military barracks Accomodations included)


(Kit may included further items you might need such as mounts,helmets,etc..please inquire)

This program is designed to integrate Project Gecko's ITCQB methodology into individual and small team skills, techniques and procedures under the use of a Night Vision Device. This course focus is more in regards to the basic use and manipulation of the device. This course does not include practice with weapon accessories such as Lasers or IR/White Lights.

START OF THE COURSE - 1200Hrs, Friday the 8th of november.

END OF COURSE - 1800Hrs, Sunday the 10th of November.

Overview of topics:

  • introduction to NVGs devices

  • Rifle to Handgun manipulations in no light

  • CQB Solo, cell to team level room clearence SOPs in light, low light and no light settings.

  • Off the X in no light coniditos

  • extensive FOPs

  • Extensive Force on force for all topics taught

  • Introduction into subsurface clearence