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  • Unnamed Road
  • Rodenberg, NDS, 31552
  • Deutschland

Date: 12. - 14. July 2019

Location: Rodenberg, Germany

(exact address will be given after registration)

Price: 250 €

* Rental equipment is available.

* Sleeping on site. Field beds, WC & Showers are available.


HSM, or in short – Home Security Management – is a Project Gecko initiative to give law abiding citizens a proper, competent training to increase their survivability in domestic distress and emergencies that are likely to take place in what they perceived to be the safest place – home.

“..HSM course will help students to understand and combine the elements of environmental surroundings and preparedness to maximize the likelihood of survival during a domestic worse case scenario... “

At Project Gecko we believe that Enforcement should be in the hands of legitimated authorities but security and protection is everyone own responsibility. Much can happen in ten minutes....

  • How can i mitigate my family and / own security ?

  • What kind of action will be legal and what action will complicate me legally ?

  • How can i prevent (statistics based) my home from becoming a soft target ?

  • How can i setup my home in a tactical manner that will ensure safety and evasion should invasion occur ?

  • How do i communicate on a hasty life threatening situation with a police officer or additional person ?

Protection and security is pro-active and begins in preparation and conducted through understanding. understanding of the legal system, communication with law enforcement while in the same time understanding what could be planned or corrected in ones environment in order to increase both safety and competence towards the worst case. whether it is criminal or terrorism related, we hold the idea that any person can change the odds and contribute to save life.

This course is composed by both classroom and practical trainings and will include an extended scenario and simulation modules that will involve role playing and force on force.

Topics covered :

  • Juristic basics

  • Protection of legal

  • Protection of legal interests

  • Self defense laws

  • Disturbance of peace

  • Burglary

  • Home invasion

  • Self defense and threat evasion

  • Incident management procedures

  • Ad hoc structural Clearing procedures for armed non armed citizens.

Recommended equipment.

  • Everyday clothing / functional clothing

  • Airsoft pistol (we can rent)

  • Eye protection (we can arrange)

  • flashlight

  • Sleeping bag

Disclaimer : This program curriculum as well as approach is not about disaster preparedness or doomsday prepping. This course curriculum is strictly law compliant and oriented around realistic preventive training that will increase safety through education.



Mathias P. is a former NCO of the German Armed Forces who served for twelve years in infantry and reconnaissance units, SOF and conventional. Furthermore his experience includes NATO Missions on the Balkans and Afghanistan in all levels of intensity. A bachelors degree in security management adds the competence of a security expert.

He is currently working with PG staff as an instructor as well as security consulting.