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DATE : 14. – 17 June
LOCATION : Prague  Czech Republic

PRICE: 500€ (incl. accommodations)



Combat tracker course.

Combat tracking is the art of being able to follow and hunt down a man by following his path and signs he left behind. In this course the students will be introduced to the principles of tracking within tactical context, or simply how to identify and close (tactically) a gap between the hunter and the hunted.

The course structure is primarily designed to give the student as much ‘dirt time’ as possible. Theoretical lessons are kept to a minimum, to allow students to study sign and apply tactical tracking TTP’s in the appropriate context and environment.

This course is led by the certified tracking instructor Boris Vos, a former Dutch Royal Marine.

The course will span over 4 days of intensive activities.

Registration, as well as information package (PDF) to this unique event you´ll find below.


By joining this course, you are not only training but also contributing.

We at Project Gecko recognize the  importance of supporting those  who  operate for the greater good.   The Tactical Tracker course is lead by a  former Dutch Royal Marine who is the  lead instructor in the LEAD RANGER program.  After costs, all inning will go directly to The LEAD RANGER program, which sets its focus in raising new generations of well trained anti poaching rangers.

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