Tactical Pistol Level 01

In this two-day course the students will learn the basics of the pistol from a tactical perspective. The focus is on the basic fundamentals as well as on manipulations. The students will receive short but to the point theoretical lessons, which will soon be followed by hands on deliberate practice. This course sets its focus on accuracy and consistency rather than speed & theatrics.


The price of the course is including a pistol (Glock 17), a holster and two magazines.

Bullet count: 400 bullets

Date: 17.03. - 18.03.2018

Location: Olesko, Shooting Range, CZ - Republic

Price: 350 € (incl. ammo, pistol, holster)


Theoretical module

  • Familiarization with the pistol, its mechanism, etc.
  • Safety & mindset
  • Type of holsters and how to setup / choose
  •  Mindset

Practical module

  • Combat stance
  • Drawing from several positions
  • Grip
  • Sight picture & aiming
  • Breathing
  • Trigger work
  • Ready & preparatory positions
  • After Fire
  • Stoppages (misfire, double feed, SP, empty)
  • Tactical drills and scenarios