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  • czech republic

The Immediate Threat CQB Level 03 (ITCQB03) is an advanced CQB course, which acts as a direct follow up to our advanced CQB courses. This course is oriented around the use of the learned skills, techniques and SOPs in previous programs with live fire drills.

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Date : 26. - 27. OCTOBER 2019

Bullet count : 500

Duration : 2 Days (shooting range)

Price :

Package 01 : Including rental gear such as HK416 (incl ammunition,magazines,pouches,etc) and basic accommodation - 600€

Package 02 : Without rental kit, ammunition,etc - 400€

Overview of modules :

  1. Individual Skill

  2. Weapon Flow

  3. Solo room clearing drills

  4. Wingman Concept Shooting drills

  5. High Low / Low High

  6. Two man room clearing Center Fed

  7. Two man room clearing Corner Fed

  8. Basic Team Clearing based drills

The modules are based on previously learned skills from the ITCQB 01 / 02 or the PCQB programs, and are essentially an opportunity to the student to validate the technique or skill with the use of live fire.