• Oleško, Ústecký kraj, 412 01
  • Tschechien

Date: 16. - 17. May


  • Saturday, 0900 - 1700

  • Sunday, 0900 - 1700

Location: Olesko, 30min away from Prague



*Rental equipment is available, find price below

For who:

- For individuals with basic shooting experience
- Shooters who want to improve their performance
- Individuals who are interested in the tactical context of shooting.

Practice Overview:

• Duration of training: 2 days.
• Advanced training focused on the carbine platform.
• Bullet count – 400


This advanced carbine course is focused on advanced skill sets that are necessary for the shooter to be confident and experienced with topics such as movement in different directions (linear, flank, etc.), use of covers, shooting from variety of positions, weak side transitions, etc. More information you´ll find in the course curriculum below. This course is physically intensive and oriented around the tactical context.

Topics of the course:

  • · Quick refreshment from the previous carbine level 1 course

  • · Unconventional stances

  • · Weak side manipulations

  • · Advanced manipulations & stoppage practice

  • · Off the X & dynamic movement

  • Dynamic movement

  • · Targets transition

  • · Utilization of covers

  • Barricades

For more information about the course content please click on the "course topics" below.


HK223 Carbine - 120€ (incl. optic, magazines, slings, belt pouches, etc.)

400 Rounds - 150€


" Can i bring my own firearm ?"

Yes. We will issue an official invitation for you. how ever you will need to have the EFP.

The European Firearms Pass (EFP) is a locally issued firearms licence in a common format that allows citizens of the European Union (EU) to travel with one or more firearm(s) mentioned on the licence from one member state to another. For certain purposes other documentation may be required, depending on the current states' laws and the reason for the movement; a transfer may be temporary (for a competition)