Project Gecko & HardTask are teaming up to bring you another unique one of a kind training opportunity in Europe – the Air Assault course.

DATE : 25. – 27. May 2017

LOCATION : Prague CZ / Trencin SK


This course will not only focus on deployment from / by helicopter but also on several key skillets that will allow the individual to understand the aircraft limitations as well as capabilities within the tactical context.

The course topics ranges from how to set up a landing zone, direct an aircraft, approach an helicopter, types & setup of LZ, intensive fast roping training, scenarios and much more.

The course will span over 3 days of intensive activities.

Day 01 - Theory & Fast roping from tower (CZ)

Day 02 - SUT, Infil & Exfil with small helicopters , and transportation of class to Trencin Air Field (CZ / SK)

Day 03 - Fast rope, SPYE and summary scenarios with the heavy MI8 transport helicopter (SK)

Registration, as well as information package (PDF) to this unique event, could be found below.