The difference between combat fitness and sport specific fitness is that you're not training for a specific sport. If you train for tennis, you don't need to be able to lift heavy weights. If you train for power lifting, your hand & eye coordination is not really a factor....How ever...

Everything is a factor in combat fitness!

Extreme situations under extreme circumstances require different sport capabilities. From hand to eyes coordination, to heavy weight lifting and flexibility. All of that plays a major role in your ability to sustain a 'rough'´s endless. The changes our body is going through under such circumstances are unbelievable.

We think, combat fitness is a great & also very fascinating way to do a general sport, that covers different capabilities and is a great calorie burning machine as well.

We offer :

  • Combat fitness workshops.
  • Personal training.
  • Private team trainings.
  • Obstacle courses & challenges.
  • Fitness program development according to our client needs.
  • and more...