Air Assault 2017 is a go !


Air Assault 2017 is a go !


Our Air Assault course for May 2017 is now online and open for registration !
For more info / registration :

Additional info such as exact topics,price & gear list could be find here :

WHEN : 26. – 28. May 2017

WHERE : Prague, Czech Republic. *More info after registration.


This course will not only focus on deployment from / by helicopter but also on several key skillets that will allow the individual to understand the aircraft limitations as well as capabilities within the tactical context. The course topics ranges from how to set up a landing zone, direct an aircraft, approach an helicopter, types & setup of LZ, intensive fast roping training, scenarios and much more.



Air assault

Some impressions from our Air Assault course which ended today.

The course was a real success. We pushed the individuals beyond their limits while maintaining high standards of safety.

We started with theory in SELECTION's class room and from there continued to a dry training in a climbing hall where the students gained experience with the rope and some confidence with different heights.

On the second day for the course we used the EC120 and went through the principles of Infils & Exfils. We worked with the students on how to setup LZs, what are the considerations, etc. It was a demanding and intensive training that included a lot of movement and communication.

In the following days we focused on fast roping and performed more than 25 fast roping drills from different heights and with their full load out. In addition, Tim Cranton of Paramed CZ took the students through the basics of medical care and evacuation in or around helicopters.

We thank everyone for the support. Special thanks to our partners from HARD TASK who stepped into this project together with PG. You guys are awesome!

Stay tuned for more information regarding the next AA course !



CQB level 2 coming up !

Advanced CQB !

Do not miss this interesting, intensive training opportunity in ‪#‎Germany‬ !

For more details, course modules & prices check out :…/CQB%20level%202%202016.pdf…

For more information about our CQB methods, check out our blog via -

DE -

Advanced CQB!

Verpass nicht die Gelegenheit für einen Intensiven und Lehrreichen CQB in Deutschland!

Für weiter Details, Kurse, Module & Preise siehe:…202016.pdf?dl=0

Für mehr Informationen über unsere CQB Methoden besuche unseren blog über:





Project Gecko offers you the opportunity to learn & improve your Shotgun shooting skills. This course is oriented around the basic skillets and designed to teach you the basics & fundamentals of the shotgun platform.

The course will focus on both Semi & Pump shotguns,Proper stance, dynamic drills and more. For more information visit ‪#‎PG‬ official brochure here -

This course was brought to you in cooperation between Project Gecko & HARD TASK.

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CQB Level 2 - Charlorei Belgium

++BELGIUM CQB Level 2 Course ++

Our level 2 CQB courses are more intensive, demanding and complicated. We will go through the complicity of limited penetration, human behavior & IBT tactics. Our aim is to continue from the basic foundations - creating a solid individual skill, integrated into a team.

We dont want to entertain you. We want to teach you.
For more information please visit -
Want to know more about our CQB SYS ?
Visit -

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NEW COURSES - July - December 2015

Project Gecko happy to announce more public courses for the rest of 2015 !Note : some of the courses are already booked out. so hurry up...

Looking forward to see you there !



Founder & CEO

Project Gecko



Focused Entry Course - Belgium JUNE 2015


We thank all of the participants for was once again a great course. We worked on the very micro level details. We talked over limited penetration, self extract and other topics which are relevant to the entry phase itself. we pushed the guys to their limits and worked untill the little hours of the night to ensure, that each team memeber stand in the trainning standards.

The guys were great. different nationalities, different languages & mentality - but one strong team.

Thank you all,






++Interview w/ Project Gecko++

Guys check out the new issue (May 2015) from PMCI magazine where you could find a very detailed interview with Eli, founder of Project Gecko.
To the full interview with Eli -
Special thanks and recognition, to the guys at PMC for making this possible !




CQB Basic level 1 - Belgium - After Action report

The course was awesome - as always. But what was more interesting is the bound the course created between the different individuals who came from different backgrounds.

The atmosphere, mindset and discipline was quite high. We had to start from the very basic. We went through frame work, individual basics and continued straight into the center fed problems.

We talked over scanning, communication & the difference between read to none read systems.

While the progress was a bit slow - the participants - (with 4 different nationalities,mentalities & languages) - gave really 100%, and even more than that.

We continued with training topics we found to be weak, and we continued all the way into the night untill 03:00, until I felt we are solid.

On Saturday night the guys performed with my guidance a DA simulation which included infiltration, transition from rural to urban environment with great focus over communication & ROE. The drill was quite awesome and mentally demanding to some of the guys.

So in short - if you were not there you might want to be there next time - because you missed hell of a course.

Thank you guys for all of the support, it was great and definitely an honor.

Stay safe,

- Eli.



Project Gecko Alps Expedition June 2015

++Few places are left !++
Just like in 2014 but different -

This year Project Gecko will perform another two expeditions to the Alps.The first expedition will leave on the 18th of June, and the second on 06th of August.


The team of the June expedition is nearly full and booked out - so act fast and join the team !

Note - To maintain better communication with our expedition participants, each expedition team has a FB group,where the participants (confirmed ones) can have a direct contact to Project gecko. Questions, idea, etc...we are there for you !

➊June expedition -
Team status - 3 seats left.

➋ August expedition -
Team status - 8 seats left.

More information soon to follow.

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Course announcement

++First time in Germany++


In few hours (21:00 European time) we will launch our coop with Our friends from TYR GROUP LLC. The coop between TYR & Project Gecko consists of a 5 Days Tactical Tracker course, at Koblenz Germany. Full program & program will be released soon.

A little about the instructor -

John Hurth has been a tracker for over 30 years. He is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Non-Commissioned Officer with over 23 years of active duty military experience.

John served with 1st Special Forces Group at Ft. Lewis, WA where he participated in multiple deployments overseas to include two combat tours in support of the Global War on Terror.

John also served with the Special Operations Training Detachment and Special Operations Plans at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Ft. Polk, LA. Some of John’s duties were to plan future Special Operations training as well as coach, teach and mentor Special Operations units undergoing training at JRTC.

I decided to team up with John as i am convinced, that John represents the true meaning of the words 'Tracker' & 'instructor'. His passion,knowledge and approach is unique, and so is your chance to learn from an expert.

For questions feel free to mail us to :

Stand by for more information in few hours.