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Project Gecko is happy to announce another CQB 01 course.

WHEN:  12. - 14.  MAY2017

WHERE: Gifhorn, Germany. The exact location will be given upon registration / payment.

For WHO: This course is designed for both advanced or basic individuals with minimum to sufficient experience of CQB / SUT.

Please read the detailed course content HERE

 WHAT : A basic CQB course oriented around the critical fundamentals of CQB within the limited penetration concept. Topics of the course ranges from the anatomy of structures, weapons flow, two men to full team clearing, limited penetration and in depth information regarding search or deliberate tactics, etc. The methodology at Project Gecko is based on our field experience, influenced by science and dictated by a constantly changing reality of threats. With that being said, we at Project Gecko are committed to teach and develop our CQB system to the highest standards while sticking to science based principles & facts.

Instructor: Former Israeli SF member with an extended experience in the field of closed quarters.

Registration HERE.