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We at Project Gecko are excited to announce another course, this time our " Carbine Level 1" course.

For Who: This course is a basic, entry level course for the carbine platform. Suitable for both experienced or inexperienced shooters.

For more information regarding prices and course modules please go to -https://goo.gl/yzXaw0

Registration: https://goo.gl/fsqnZE

Please read the detailed course content HERE

A basic shooting course oriented around the use of the carbine platform in tactical context. Shooters will experience with how to zero the carbine, learn the basics & fundamentals of shooting from standing, kneeling or prone positions. This course will also introduce the shooters for different efficient usage procedures for the carbine.

Our main focus is marksmanship & consistency.

Our approach.

Pulling the trigger and starring in a direction everyone can do. Being accurate, effective and most important – confident, well that’s a matter of training & personality. Thinking before the bullet fly’s & understanding while experiencing a malfunction is the key and the basis for being simply a good shooter that not only hits his target down the range - but also reacts properly when the moment comes.