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Our Focused Entry Course is perhaps one of the most popular CQB courses we are currently running and definitly a training opportunity you should not miss!

For more info & training content please visit - http://issuu.com/projectgecko/docs/cqb_focused_entry_2016?e=24952026/36654565

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The FE course is the key to bring your CQB skills to the next level. As a bridge between our Level 1 & 2 courses, the intention is to highlight the realities of the entry phase itself.

We will focus not only on successful entries, but on failed ones as well. We will do so by running failure based scenerios to identify and correct common mistakes while building the necessary fundamentals for proper entries.

We will talk about the structure of rooms, the anatomy of doors and the human performance. This course will be something you wont forget.

Some info -
Training Hours:

Start: Friday - 21:00
End:: Sunday 14:00

How to apply:

To guarantee your participation, please follow the next link -

For questions simply email to : contact.project.gecko@gmail.com