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Today we´ve become too virtual in our social life and life at all. Our friends are virtual and reachable in one click away. All we ever wanted to know or see is in a matter of a click away. Experiencing the world through second hand information isn´t enough. If we want authenticity, we have to initiate it.

Project Gecko is proud to announce our new ''Challenge'' training concept.

☻The Concept.
In this concept you will be in constant physical & mental effort. We will work on a few tactical topics by actual force on force missions & tasks. The idea is to provide a laboratory like environment to your existing skills. However, do not mistake the word “training” for a calm environment. We will push you to the limits.

Official program release, with all info & facts -

☻The Tool.
With our existing experience with both government & civilian markets, it came to our notice the great benefits of using an Airsoft gun for Force on Force based training in close proximities. Therefore this challenge concept will focus of the use of such shooting platforms.

If you have no equipment available contact us – we are able to equip you.

☻Main topics
We do not want to destroy the element of surprise, but we can tell you roughly what kind of topics this meeting will cover.

▶ Greenside to FIBUA
▶ Communication
And so on.

Our mission.

▶To improve & sharpen your skills by giving you reality. This is no simulation or game.
▶Giving you the ability to gain more experience & confidence.

Your mission .

▶To complete & endure any challenge you may face without compromising basic values such as Comradeship, team work, and integrity.
▶To remain focused on mission details & perfection.
▶To accept & understand that you can do it, despite the difficulty.
▶To learn, understand, utilize your skills & personality.
▶To go home, as a better individual, confident & passionate.
▶To handle stress as it is your motivation. The rest, you will get on the spot.

Start: Friday 21:00
End: Sunday 12:30