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Field training aka ''Greenside'' is the core, basic and the very first foundation a individual should have.

Project Gecko are happy to announce another Green side course, this time oriented directly around the Small Unit Tactics or also known as - SUT.

Normally, field training covers most of the important training topics one should acquire, from strong and effective combat formations to understanding and living the nature. In today´s world human beings are sadly not a part of nature any more but a guest. Some of our old skills are lost in time, like tears in the rain. So let´s change it.

This form of SUT field training focuses on the basic fundamentals the individual may need to survive out there in the field. We don’t do presentations and we don’t show you the nature through a screen or a picture.– We will take you by the hand and guide you through.

For the official program - http://tinyurl.com/mquqntq

Training topics -

▶Module 1

-Equipment configurations & considerations
-Basic communication (verbal, by hand)
-Individual concealment
-Base \ POS routine & considerations
-Area defense – organization & planning

▶Module 2

-Basic formations
-Patrol basics & fundamentals
-Movement techniques & considerations
-Basics of analyzing terrain & considerations
-Over-watch & the value of support

▶Module 3

-Crossing inferior \ dangerous fields
-Link ups procedure (day / night)
-Offensive techniques & basics
-Reaction to linear contact
-Breaking contact

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