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Introduction :

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is a type of fighting in which small units engage the opponent with personal weapons at very short range.
In the typical CQB/CQC scenario, the attackers try a very fast, violent takeover of a vehicle or structure controlled by the defenders, who usually have no easy way to withdraw.

Because 3rd circle enemies, hostages/civilians and fellow friendlies \ team mates can be closely intermingled, CQB/CQC demands a rapid assault and a very detailed training background.

Normally, the CQB is below the 25-20 M. With that being said it is right to say that this kind of environments are fast phase, highly dangerous and very violent. Course of action,skill & individual capability are the key.

For more information,gear list,etc check the PDF below!

English version :

German version :

Course price includes :

-Professional instructor
-Room w/ electricity,WC & all you need.
- One of the most professional CQB facility's in EU

The Goal -

✔Developing a basic CQB understanding.
✔Delivering a refreshment opportunity for CQB
experienced personal.
✔Developing the individual confidence.
✔ applying safety understanding and guidelines

The Course modules & topics -

Module 1 -
-CQB Terminology
-Fundamentals of CQB
-Equipment configuration

Module 2 -
-Stack up & responsibility's
-Shooting from covers

Module 3-
-Working under stress
-Self management & basic individual skill
-Speed,coordination & stamina development

Module 4-
-Defensive weapon management & manipulations
-Point Shooting
-Surgical fire manipulations
-Dual level clearing tactics

Module 5-
-Individual Qualification test
-Basic mission planning skills
-Summary Mission
-Performance feedback

Mindset -

This course is suitable for those with a basic or non individual level & a basic CQB experience. this course is recommended to individuals with a limited CQB background or experience.

How to apply:

To guarantee your participation, please follow the next link -



Technical information.

Friday -
Arrival from 21:00-22:00
22:00 – introduction & briefing
Sunday 14:00 endex.

Price - 95 euro.
Accommodations - 10€ per night