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Individual skill workshop \  level C

After the previous success in our last workshops,
we hitting the road again...this time :
Thüringen !

Project Gecko is proud to announce the
second Individual workshop level C !

After a great success and several request
to repeat, we decided to repeat the previous
Individual skill level C workshop.

Level C is the basic level and designed,
for those who need to acquire or improve
their basic muscle memory & other basic skills.

What we offer:

-Building a basic proper muscle memory of
various combat stances.

- Shooting under stress.

- Physical & mental challenges.

- Obstacle course including targets.

-Building a basic proper muscle memory of
combat stances.

- Discussions & feedback.

And more...

*This level is a must before attending any
of our A or B level workshops.

The difficulty:

This level physically & mentally requirements are not
the hardest by difficulty and suits anyone with the right mindset, and approach.

Important remarks:

1. Please avoid bringing any sniper platforms
as they are not needed!

2. This is not a skirm\ game or spray & pray type
of a training. This is a professional tactical
course for serious minded people. with different backgrounds.

For more details check the Event Flyer below :


For the full time line :


Technical information :

-Toilets are available
-Big parking place.
-It is possible to arrive a day before and
to sleep on the site (8€).

Adress :
Adress : Am Eichicht 1, 98693 Ilmenau, Thüringen, Germany

Event date - 06.09.2014
Arrival time - 09:00am.
End time - 18:00pm

Price - 48€

For booking your place please follow this link :

For questions simply contact us via :