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Project Gecko and SIMGUN are happy to announce our Observation & Evasion course.

The Observation & Evasion course is oriented towards the most necessary basic skills that every sniper requires. In this course we are going to take you through lessons,drills & scenarios which will push your mentality to the next level.

The protection vest of the sniper is knowledge. Unlike other combat roles, the success of the sniper is often wired with his ability to master his knowledge, rather than having the best equipment. It is basically the men behind the machine in this profession which sets the results...and its quality.

-SIMGUN Technology in use.

During this course we will use the outstanding SIMGUN laser sim tech. this tech is basically based on the old MILES simulation tool from the military, but way more advanced & reliable. With SIMGUN in use, we can include in our most realistic drills the factor of shooting all the way up to the 500-600m. - It is clear how realistic and high level this training can be.

-Course overview.

This course core is based on four learning phases.
Lessons, discussions, drills, scenarios.
Each phase has its on unique structure and different expected goals.
For more information...please check the flyer below :


-Physical overview \ How will it be ?

During the entire course, the participants will be divided into pairs (Sniper+spotter). Each person will receive the chance to be either a spotter or a sniper. The physical part of the course will require small to medium map based navigation, stealth maneuvers, use of communications, concealment, evasion and much more.

We will sleep outdoor, in a designated camp, and we will be active during both day & night.

The Course Modules -

✘Handling & Familiarization
-Shooting stances.
-Getting the maximum out of your optics.

✘The Sniper & Spotter relationship
-working procedures.

✘Navigation & Topographic familiarization
-Basic topographic familiarization
-Basic Navigation & orientation

✘Stealth movement \ ''To & From''
-Individual stealth movement stances
-Tricks & tips
-Silence workshop.

✘Evasion & Observation skills
✘Mission & fictitious Scenarios
✘The 'Fantastic 4' drill

And more...don't forget to check the PDF-Flyer !


Teaching methods in this course:

✘ Lessons
✘ Collaborative learning
✘ Demonstrations
✘ Simulations

Our Goals in this course:

✔ Developing the individual capability.
✔ Developing a long lasting muscle memory.
✔ Encouraging & developing the initiative in the person.
✔ Giving our participants the true experience & idea of
how it has to be done - without compromises.

How to apply:

To guarantee your participation follow the next link -



Date : 26-28 September 2014.
Course duration: 3 Days.
Until the 25th of July we will hold a special price of 195€ .

Regular price : 220€,

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See you there !