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  • Germany

Project Gecko is proud to announce
Individual workshop level B !

▧Conditions of participation -

►A previous participation of at least one or more times in
one of our level C workshops,

► Military \ law enforcement background.

For the full information : http://tinyurl.com/msssud5

▧What we offer:

►Muscle memory rehearsal from Workshop level C.
► Basic pistol familiarization
►Pistol shooting stances
►Basic P.S (point shooting) shooting techniques for both
►Reloading techniques for both Main & Secondary.
►Intensive high stress shooting transitions.
►Combat fitness exercises.

And more...

*This level is a must before attending any
of our A level workshop.

▧The difficulty:

►This level physically & mentally requirements are not
the easiest, and are challenging.each person will be professionally pushed to his physical limits.We will show you what you are capable of ! Are you tough enough for this ?

▧Important remarks:

►Please avoid bringing any scopes or DMR like platforms.
►This is a professional tactical course for serious minded people who see the benefits of the Airsoft platform as an outstanding training solution.
►Bring your kneepads.

Hurry up and book your place !